Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There's love in it

For the love of food (and I love food!) and to record the recipes which my loved ones say, "You have to write that one down!" I have begun this blog.

Informal, family-style gatherings inspire me--and no one gets to leave hungry. Whether it's Christmas Eve Baked Apples or Salmon and Lemon Cream Pasta with Chive Blossoms, I cook to please. It's all about the audience. I'm no gourmet, but there's love in this food. Got allergies or food sensitivities? I'll create a meal everyone can eat--and enjoy and not feel like anyone's missing out--'til they're too full to do anything but sit back and smile. I've lived few moments which bring me more pride.

In recognition of the wonderful and love-filled meals I've been fortunate enough to share (whether it's just with my two boys or as many as I can coerce into coming over), here's a record of some of the dishes that may not have brought us together, but sure made the visit feel like home.

I love you! Here goes....